Homage to James Madhlope Phillips (1919 – 1987)

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Homage to James Madhlope Phillips (1919 – 1987)

2019 is the year of James Madhlope Phillips’ 100th birthday. To many of the younger generation, both at home and abroad, Mr Phillips has been a little-known figure in the Struggle-history of South Africa. Nonetheless, the sterling work done by him in his fight against the evils of the apartheid regime – particularly in the period 1940 to the early 1950s in SA and later in Europe – should be duly honoured and cherished.

James Madhlope Phillips was one of South Africa’s greatest heroes. His commitment to the cause of liberation, justice and equality reigned first and foremost. He was a person of integrity and – like his richly deep singing voice – was powerful and resilient. He was a personality of standing that deserves to be revered and fully recognised. His contribution to the liberation of the South African people may not be forgotten.

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