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The Shebeen

Closing event of the year with South African Photography Exhibition, guest from S.A, Live Performances, Video Installation, Skype calls, S.A Food & Dj from South Africa! Authentic discussion as we approach 25 years of democracy and election coming around the corner.

At the Shebeen is where we tell our stories, exchange ideas, have heated political discussions, enjoy live music, relax over a traditional home made beer and reminisce about the past and plan the future. The audience become part of the play. The evening is a host to South African’s most celebrated arts & cultural scenes. There will be live music, exhibitions, discussions, live performances and much more as we rejoice. South Africa is a country which is deeply entrenched in the spirit of ubuntu. It is with this fundamental conviction that we welcome you to experience our amazing diverse arts & culture.

Please feel at home….

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