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Lausitzer Platz, 10997 Berlin Lausitzer Platz, Berlin

African Street Games Festival embraces African innovation and creativity in its broad sense. The festival is Germany’s first of its own kind celebration of African innovation and cultural heritage. It embraces the talents and immense creativity of young African minds. Africans are best described as young, vibrant, hospitable, warm-hearted and welcoming people. These attributes are […]

SHEBEEN: musical theatre storytelling celebrating South Africa FREEDOM DAY

Werkstatt der Kulturen Wissmannstraße 32, Berlin-Neukoelln, Berlin

his is where we tell our stories, exchange ideas, have heated political discussions, enjoy live music, relax over a traditional home made beer and reminisce about the past and plan the future. The audience becomes part of the play. The evening is a host to South African’s most celebrated art & cultural scenes. There will […]